Research in English #12: July 10th, 2009

  1. Checked answers to homework unit 3 part 2
  2. Some comments on multiculturalism:
    1. is multiculturalism “good”?
    2. why?
    3. “discrimination” means to tell good from bad
  3. Checked answers to page 26 T/F
  4. reading and writing: page 28 #3 – check “A” or “D”, then write your opinion about the law
  5. listening: Unit 4 – “Voting, a tough choice”
  6. Next week: I will give you another vocabulary test. This test has no effect on your final grade.
  7. Exam (July 24th): You will be asked to write about two topics from the following list:
    1. Sheep farming (in Australia, of course)
    2. Deportation and convict settlers
    3. the Gold Rush
    4. the rabbit problem (including myxamatosis)
    5. Australian constitution
    6. Australia in WWI and WWII
    7. Australian heroes
  8. Homework (for July 17):
    1. Find an essay or article about Australia
    2. summarise it in English,
    3. compare it with something similar
    4. provide the reference
    5. Unit IV part II worksheet
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