Research in English #11: July 3, 2009

Indiana Jones
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  • Poster presentation
  • Check the meaning of the following:
    1. idol
    2. idolize
    3. romantic
    4. romanticize
    5. discover
    6. invade
    7. conquer
  • Watch this short scene from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. What does this tell you about cultures?
  • Discuss your homework with a partner: why did various people¬†emigrate to Australia?
  • What do you think of
    1. White Australia policy?
    2. Australia’s multicultural policy?
  • Homework:
    1. For July 10:
      1. Textbook : read page 25 and answer the Comprehension questions on page 26
      2. Complete the worksheet Unit IV Part I
    2. For July 17:
      1. find a newspaper or magazine article about Australia (the article can be in either English or Japanese),
      2. summarize it,
      3. compare it with
        1. another news article
        2. a movie or story you know
        3. your own experience
        4. the case in Japan,
      4. then give your own opinion about the contents of the article
      5. Length: 150~200 words.
      6. Here are some BBC news articles about Aborigines
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