(Makeup) Writing Strategies 2, session 7: November 4th, 2011

Joy and Jack Lewis
Joy and Jack Lewis. Photo apparently belongs to Joy's son Douglas

「正直いって泣きました。DVDが無いのが残念。発売を切にお願いします。 」 (アマゾンジャパンのカスタマーレヴュー

(The above photo came from the website Awesome Stories, and according to this website the original photo belongs to Joy’s son, Douglas Gresham.

Today, we watched part of “Shadowlands” (click the link to read Japanese reviews of it), a movie about CS Lewis’ marriage to Joy Davidman. First, they married for convenience. CS Lewis married her so that she could stay in Britain. He did not want her and her children to have to go back to the United States and live with her sometimes violent, drunkard husband.

They kept the marriage a secret. Joy lived in London with her children, and Lewis continued to live in Oxford. Then Joy was diagnosed with cancer. CS Lewis had grown to love Joy, and asked a priest friend to marry them in the hospital.

That is as far as we watched. See the trailer here:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLKS0XGRYi8′]

We watched the movie on VHS. Although there is a DVD, there is no Japanese version which can be played on Japanese DVD players.