Interactive Writing Session #5: October 23rd, 2009

  1. Plagiarism handout.
    1. Plagiarism is a serious offence in Western countries.
    2. How to avoid plagiarism?
      1. Summarise (key points only)
      2. Paraphrase (use different words to say the same thing)
      3. Report  (e.g. use quotation marks “…..”; Widdowson writes that “…..”; According to Widdowson (1983), …. ; etc.)
      4. ALWAYS give credit when you use someone else’s words, ideas, photos, etc: say where (and when) you got the information.
      5. Make a clear distinction between YOUR words and ideas and those of other people. 自分の考えや言葉と他人の考えと事がをはっきり区別しましょう。方法は今日配ったプリントに書いてあります。ご参考まで。
  2. We continued reading “Little Plum“, chapter 2 (p. 11 – p. 18 “how very, very sad.”)


  1. I gave each student a word or phrase. Look up the meaning in Japanese and find 2 or 3 pictures that illustrate the word or phrase. Print out and bring to class next week.
  2. Nona, Belinda, Anne, Tom, Mother, Father, Agnes, Mrs. Bodger, Mr. Tiffany Jones. Who are these people and what is their relationship to each other? Draw a diagram.
  3. What is Belinda’s character? And Nona’s? Use words and phrases from the text in your answer.
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