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Hello,  Interactive Writers!

Welcome to Sheffner’s Interactive Writing II.

Students are still deciding which class to take, and some have not yet made up their minds. Some students would like to know more about this class before they make up their minds:

  • what kind of class is it?
  • what is the textbook like?
  • what is the teacher like?
  • is the class difficult?
  • is there lots of homework?

EITHER A) If you took my class in the first semester, please leave a comment about the class to help other students who have not yet decided whether to take this class or not;

or B) If you did NOT take my class before, please leave a comment telling me why you are interested in this class.

To leave a comment,

  1. click on “No comments” below
  2. write a name (I suggest you use a nickname or pen-name) and
  3. an email address (this email address is invisible to other users) – I suggest your university email address
  4. type your comment (remember, you are writing for other students, not for the teacher),
  5. click on “Submit Comment”
  6. that’s it! (Your comment will appear after I have approved it; that will take a few hours).

Today was an introductory lesson.

Handout: Rules, syllabus, contact details, course objectives

Assignment: Write 2 paragraphs about your summer vacation.

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19 thoughts on “Interactive writing II”

  1. I took this class in 1st semester.

    In this class, we can learn about British culture deeply more than the other class, I think.
    And we had a few research in 1st semester.
    If we do our best on our homeworks, we can improve our English skills absolutely.

  2. I’m sorry for write coment late.
    I took your 1st semester class.

    This lesson was difficult for me, Diddakoi and Little Plum, too. But this class gives us many chances to get my writing skills up!

  3. About 1st semester class

    It was difficult for me to read Diddakoi.
    But I learned Gypsy, Godden and Diddakoi so I understood!!

    Thank you teacher!!

    See you next class.

  4. About 1st semester class

    diddakoi’s story was difficult for me, but i didn’t know about Gypsy until i read it.
    so, i think it was very important to realize aout British culuture.
    therefore, i wanna know more and deeply by using a story, book like “Diddakoi”

  5. Hallo, About 1st semester class.
    I didn’t know Gypsy, Rumer Godden and Diddakoi befor.
    But I learned these things. So I thought people’s feeling. Diddakoi’s book taught me.
    And My writing skils is a rise little by little.

  6. At first, it is difficult to read Diddakoi,but I enjoyed very mucn.
    I could learn many new ideas such as foreign culture, thinking and words.

  7. About 1st semester class>>
    It was difficult for me to read Diddakoi.
    Therefore, I want to read with everyone slowly at the fall semester.

  8. First, it was difficult for me to understand about Diddakoi, but gradually I could understand. So I could learned so many things about Gypsy culture and enjoyed about that.

    I want to know more about British culture in the second semester. 🙂

  9. a)about 1st semester class.
    I think this class was important for me, but sometimes the homework was a little difficult.

    b)why you are interested in this class.
    Because I think I need writing skill for my future. I want to be an English teacher, so I want to write English more collectly.

  10. We could see our homeworks in your homepage, so it was very useful for me.
    The Diddakoi was difficult, but I could be interested in Gypsy.

  11. ☆About 1sr semester class☆
    I read ” Diddakoi”. I enjoyed the story and I could learn a lot of things about Gypsy.

  12. It was difficult for me to read the whole of a Western book and search after the book’s keys deeply. But, I could know British culture, Romany culture and the value of life, and realize that similarities and differences between Britain and Japan. In this semester, I want to know it more and more.

  13. I enjoyed first semester class because I was given many chances to write English by my teacher.
    “Diddakoi” was a little difficult for me, but I’ll read the next book beacuse I could read it.
    I reccomend this class to other students.

  14. The Diddakoi showed us human’s feelings, so I thought it was to my advantage. And I thought using blog is a good way because we can exchange views and widen our knowledge.

  15. About 1st semester class. There were a lot of old English in Diddakoi so it was difficult for me. But I read last, I was so glad when I understood Diddakoi’s content. I thought that I wanted to read another foreign book.

  16. hi!! I’m chika!!

    I enjoyed first semester.
    that is because diddakoi is so interesting story for me. so I’m looking forward to reading the next book.

    see you next class.

  17. Is it right place to write my comment?
    As I am not good at read a book, it was difficult to read it.
    I wanted to do a essay and write down my opinion.

  18. *About 1st semester class*
    At first, I did not know how to writing. when I started to study writing skill, I could write rightly. I read “Diddakoi”. I read juvenile book first. Diddakoi was a little difficult for me but I was moved. I want to be able to write English more rightly.

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