Interactive Writing #14: July 24th, 2009


  1. (70%) Write a book report about “Diddakoi”. Your report should be divided into four separate paragraphs.
  2. (30%) Write about either
    1. gypsies, or
    2. Rumer Godden

I want to see proof that you

  • have read the book
    • quote from the book
    • mention names, places, events in the story
  • have done some reading and research about the book and the topic
    • give the reference for the book(s), article(s), website(s), movie(s), using the MLA style
  • have thought about what you have read
    • show that you are aware of different opinions, different arguments, “for and against”.
  • have your own opinion
    • show logical thinking and independent thinking
    • show that you are not just repeating ideas or opinions that you have received from others
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