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WS1: Week 1, April 13th, 2018

Welcome to Sheffner’s Writing Strategies I (WS1) class, Friday 1st period.

There is no textbook  for this class.


  1. Leave a comment on this blog about today’s class.
    1. Your name is public, but your email is private. Any email address that you regularly use is ok.
  2. Read the short story “The Pot with the Hole” (today’s handout, download a copy here:

Today’s class

  1. Small-group discussion and report and individual written answers:: What are “academic writing skills”?
    1. Mini-lecture on the history of academic writing
  2. Small-group discussion and report and individual written answers: How to improve your academic English writing?
    1. Lots of reading (I recommend easy reading – “easy” means anything in English that you can understand 90% of without a dictionary).
  3. You can download today’s handout here: WS1, 2018 – course intro

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