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WS2: WEEK 13, January 5th, 2018


Email me your written work if you want me to check it. Continue working on your final probject.

Today’s class

  1. Free writing – your winter vacation
  2. Mini-lecture: according to  The Magician’s Nephew, what is more important than either friendship or family?
  3. Sentence combining. Read through your free writing, find sentences that can be combined and re-write them.
  4. Every claim needs evidence.
  5. Academic formatting:
    1. Use an English font (either Century or Times New Roman) size 12.
    2. Double-space your document.
    3. How to use MSWord’s refeerence functions to make citations and create a bibliography.
    4. For tutorial videos on how to double-space and create references, see this blog entry:







Happy New Year

Happy New Year . Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous year.

“There is never a stop to the sunrise. Sunrise happens all day long. Somewhere on this earth the sun is rising. Somewhere on this earth the sun is setting. That was just where YOU were. It never stops. It keeps happening all day long. And what is your night, somewhere is daylight.”

WS2: WEEK 12, DECEMBER 22nd, 2017


Write your final essay and bring your first draft to the next class, Jan. 5th.

If you cannot attend Jan. 5th, please email me your work.

Today’s class

  • 1-to-1 conferencing
  • The purpose of your final project is to help you and your classmates better understand the story of TMN.
  • Therefore, in your essay, always connect your research with The Magician’s Nephew.

WS2: week 7, November 10th


  • Next class is Nov. 24th (no class next week Nov. 17th).
  • Answer these two questions about chapter 14:
    1. How will the apple that Digory brings back from the garden help protect Narnia from the Witch?
    2. What would have happened if Digory had given the apple to his mother instead of to Aslan as he had promised? Why?

Today’s class

  • Model answers to last week’s 6 questions.
  • 1-to-1 conferencing with students about their writing