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Interactive Writing #14: July 24th, 2009


  1. (70%) Write a book report about “Diddakoi”. Your report should be divided into four separate paragraphs.
  2. (30%) Write about either
    1. gypsies, or
    2. Rumer Godden

I want to see proof that you

  • have read the book
    • quote from the book
    • mention names, places, events in the story
  • have done some reading and research about the book and the topic
    • give the reference for the book(s), article(s), website(s), movie(s), using the MLA style
  • have thought about what you have read
    • show that you are aware of different opinions, different arguments, “for and against”.
  • have your own opinion
    • show logical thinking and independent thinking
    • show that you are not just repeating ideas or opinions that you have received from others
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Research in English #14: July 24th, 2009


  1. (50%) Write about one of the topics below (25-350 words):
    1. sheep farming
    2. deportation and convict settlers
    3. gold rush
    4. the rabbit problem
    5. the Australian constitution
    6. Australia in World War I and World War II
    7. Australian heroes
  2. (50%) Write about any Australian topic of your choice (250-350 words)

You need to show the instructor the following:

  1. That you have done some reading and research
    1. give the origin or source of your information (book title, author, publishing date, URL, etc)
  2. That you have thought about the topic
    1. you know some arguments for and against
  3. That you have your own opinion

A young Japanese in Australia

Legend of Bacteria is the blog of a young Japanese man who has been in Australia for over a year, ever since graduating from university. I know him quite well, but I will respect his privacy and only refer to his handle name.

You can read his blog, in both Japanese and English, here: Legend of Bacteria

He has a dream. He is not in Australia just for sightseeing, nor for learning English. What is his dream? Visit his blog and find out.

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No classes May 22nd

No classes today, Friday, May 22nd, due to concerns over swine flu.

All being well, classes will resume next Friday, May 29th.

Interactive Writing class students should bring the reading book “Diddakoi” to the May 29th class.

Keep well, and enjoy the break.




Image by sheffnermarc via Flickr

Welcome to the class blog for Research in English, and Interactive Writing.

I will post my impressions and comments, suggestions and links each week. You can leave comments in Japanese or English. You can comment anonymously if you wish. You merely need to register using an email address.

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