C.S. Lewis resource page

I’ve added a resource page to this blog. Check it out. Please add to the list by leaving a comment. Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “C.S. Lewis resource page”

  1. I’m sorry to be late.
    I looked Lewis’s page.
    I thought that he is great person.

  2. I have read C.S.Lewis reaource page.
    A lot of things I don’t know are written in this page.
    I want to read his other book.

  3. I didn’t understand what he said at BBC talks.
    But I was surprised at his talks.
    It is very valuable!!

  4. I read Lewis’s page and listened to Lewis’s voice.
    I am interested in Lewis.

  5. I read a biography of C.S. Lewis and listened to C.S. Lewis’ voice.
    I think that he was a talented person.

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