As2, wk2, October 3rd 2014


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Today’s class

  1. If you were absent last week, please read the blog.
  2. What kind of house does Joseph live in?
    1. Joseph lives in a house made of stone, wood and grass/straw/earth. He lives there with his two brothers and father (who dies early in the story). The house is on a hill by the sea.
  3. Why does Joseph want to kill Mr. Christie?
    1. Joseph wants to kill Mr. Christie because Mr. Christie’s representative burned his house down. Also, Joseph is angry at all landlords because another landlord (not Mr. Christie) was partly responsible for the death of Joseph’s father, and because many landlords in Ireland at that time were not Irish but English.
  4. Watch the next part of the movie (up to where Shannon plays American music on the piano).
  5. What kind of house does Mr. Christie live in?

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