AS2: Week 9, November 30th, 2018


Prepare your book and movie presentation, if you have not done your presentation yet (today, Nov. 30th).  Dec. 7th class has been cancelled.  Makeup class will be on Saturday Dec. 15th (not Dec. 8th as I announced in class.) For presentation guidelines, see last week’s blog post here.

Everyone must do their book and movie presentation twice. If you did your book-and-movie presentation Nov 30th or earlier, please do it again on Dec. 14th.

  • You must
    • include historical background and
    • say what readers can learn about American history from the movie or the book (or both).
    • Give the key points.
      • A point is “the important or essential thing”.
      • A key point is “the most important or essential thing” about the movie and the book.

Today’s class

Student “movie and book” presentations.

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