AS2, week 9, November 27th, 2015


  • Choose a US history topic for your presentation.
  • Textbook: Read pages 25-26 and answer the questions in the textbook.
  • Review the 4th amendment in the Bill of Rights. Please bring the complete text in both English and Japanese to the next class.
  •  Ms. Okada, Ms. Izumi, Ms. Ohashi, Ms. Saga and Ms Sakurai, please prepare your presentations for next time (Dec. 4th).
  • Presentation topics:
    • This semester, you can freely choose any topic of U.S. history that you like.
    • I suggest you choose a person or a group of people as the main point of your presentation.
    • In addition, you may choose any topic in the textbook, any U.S.A. history-related book that you have read, or any movie from the movie list that you have seen.
  • Here is the updated presentation schedule: AS2_Presentation_Schedule (updated Nov. 27th)
  • Read an easy reading  book about US history. Note the title, author, level, period of history.
    • Keep your list on one sheet of paper.
  • Find one of the movies on the movie list. Watch the movie.

Today’s class

  1. Presentations by:
    1. Konishi– Hawaii (related movies – Princess Ka’iulani (2009), Picture Bride (1994, Japanese men living in Hawaii are looking for Japanese wives),  The Descendants (2011, starring George Clooney).
    2. Makiyama – Star Wars and its influence on the US movie industry
    3. Nakagawa – A short history of baseball  (related movies – The Natural (a young baseball prodigy goes to Chicago to try out for a professional team, but something happens to him when he gets there), A League of their own (the first women’s baseball team), The Babe (about Babe Ruth), Mr. Baseball (an aging American baseball player comes to Japan and is not happy about it), The Rookie, (a chemistry teacher who always dreamed of being a baseball player has a chance to make his dream come true).
  2. The Louisiana Purchase – handout Louisiana_Purchase

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