AS2, week 9, November 25th, 2016


Prepare a 3-4 minute presentation on any topic of US history.  You can use any topic from the textbook or from the handouts. You can use the same topic as for your New York presentation if you want (but it must be 3-4 minutes long).

  • Use PowerPoint rather than the overhead camera, for clarity
  • repeat the key points several times during your presentation.
  • Speak slowly.
  • Remember the lessons you learned from watching the video today.
    • use simple English.
    • use words that you know (if you don’t know them, your listeners probably won’t know them either).
    • use short sentences.
    • speak key words
      • loudly,
      • slowly,
      • clearly,
      • with gestures
      • point to the picture, map, illustration, etc.
      • speak with life and passion.

Today’s class

Presentations by 3 students.

We watched an episode from a famous TV drama and made notes about how to communicate key points, how to be convincing and persuasive, and how to write (and speak) in English with few mistakes.

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