AS2, week 7, November 6th, 2015


  • Choose a US history topic for your presentation.
  • Handout: Check the meaning of the quotes by Hamilton and Brutus about the BIll of Rights, and write your opinion. Download the handout here: Why the Bill of Rights
  •  Ms. Irie S., Ms. Ishida, Ms. Aoeda and Ms. Izumi, please prepare your presentation sfor next week.
  • Presentation topics:
    • This semester, you can freely choose any topic of U.S. history that you like.
    • I suggest you choose a person or a group of people as the main point of your presentation.
    • In addition, you may choose any topic in the textbook, any U.S.A. history-related book that you have read, or any movie from the movie list that you have seen.
  • Here is the presentation schedule:AS2_Presentation_Schedule (updated Nov. 13th)
  • Read an easy reading  book about US history. Note the title, author, level, period of history.
    • Keep your list on one sheet of paper.
  • Find one of the movies on the movie list. Watch the movie.

Today’s class

  1. Presentations by:
    1. Egami – Slavery
    2. Honjo – the movie “Glory”
    3. Irie M.  – Thanksgiving
  2. The Bill of Rights.
    1. Rights 7-10.
    2. Federalism – a small central government and a federation of states: the united states (not United States).