AS2: week 7, November 10th


  • Prepare your presentation for Nov. 24th.
  • Presentations can¬† be made with a poster or with PowerPoint.
  • Each student should present, even if you are doing a group presentation.
  • Each student’s presentation should be 3-5 minutes long.
  • The topic MUST be some topic of USA history.
    • I understand some students would like to research about present-day America – you will have a chance to do that, but not for this presentation.
  • Read chapter 5 of ITHOTR.
    • Request: to help me make suitable reading for you, I ask you to underline or mark on your copy of chapter 5 ¬†words and expressions that you need to use a dictionary for, and then show me your copy of the chapter next time. Thanks in advance.

Today’s class

  • Mini-lecture about the first Americans, the first Europeans and why so many Americans feel strongly about the right to have guns.
    • I mentioned the movie “The Seven Samurai”. This is a Japanese class. If you have not seen it, you’re missing something!
    • Here is a commercial for gun control. If you were the woman in this video, would you prefer to have a gun, or just wait for the police?

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