AS2, week 6, October 28th, 2016


  1. Read the handout about the 13 English colonies
  2. Write a definition sentence about
    1. the 13 colonies
    2. the New England colonies
    3. the Mid-Atlantic colonies
    4. the Southern colonies
  3. Read again chapter 3, paragraphs 1-11 (not 10), up to and including the paragraph on Greenwich Village.
    1. Write a sentence giving the key points of each paragraph, 1-11.

Today’s class

  1. Cost of steerage to the US from England in the mid-19th century?
  2. What two types of ships were there then?
  3. Which was cheaper?
  4. How long did it take?
  5. Using the information in “In the Heart of the Rockies”, write a definition sentence for “steerage”.
  6. Watch the beginning of the Chaplin silent film “The Immigrant”, and write another sentence about steerage using information from the movie clip.
  7. Read chapter 3 paragraphs 1-11 (Greenwich Village).

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