AS2: week 6, November 3rd


  • Read chapter 4 of ITHOTR and write something in response. Download it here: ITHOTR_MS_Simplified_ch4
  • Continue with your independent study and start preparing your November presentation. All students must do one presentation by the end of this month. (Nov. 24th). There are only two classes left (10th & 24th).

Today’s class

  1. Mini-lecture about the earliest inhabitants of the Americas.
  2. Student writing about the earliest inhabitants, based on maps and information presented by Sheffner.
    1. Who were the first people who lived in the Americas?
    2. What were the names of some of the tribes?
    3. Where did they come from and how?
  3. What food and/or plants originated in the Americas?
  4. Overview and summary of chapter 3 of ITHOTR.
  5. BONUS: Who built Machu Picchu? Watch this video. Ignore the excitable young man who talks very fast, just look at the pictures of the two very different kinds of stone walls.

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