AS2, week 3, October 7th, 2016


  1. Who is Joseph in the movie “Far and Away”? Write a definition of him in 1 or 2 sentences.
  2. Read pp 3-4 of the story “In the Heart of the Rockies”
    1. How much did it cost to travel the cheapest way from UK to America in those days?
  3. Find a movie from the movie list, watch it, and write a 1 or 2-sentence definition of it. Download the movie list here: as2_usa_movie_list_v2
  4. Find a book from the reading list and start reading. Download the easy reading list here:   as2_easy_reading_list
    1. The book should be “easy” for you, that means you can understand 90% without a dictionary.

Today’s class

  1. Textbook pp 4-5 quiz.
  2. Homework review
    1. Where are the following places in the UK?  (Draw a simple map.)
      1. Portsmouth
      2. Liverpool
    2. Where are the following places in the USA? (Draw a simple map.)
      1. Denver
      2. Colorado
      3. Montana
      4. California
      5. The Rockies
  3. Where and what is Portsmouth in the UK?
    1. “Portsmouth is an important port on the south coast of England.”
  4. Where and what is Liverpool?
  5. Where and what is Denver?
  6. Where and what are the Rockies?
  7. Watch the Sir Walter Raleigh scene in “Elizabeth – the Golden Age” (chapter 3).
    1. Who and what was Sir Walter Raleigh?
    2. What did he give to Queen Elizabeth and where did they come from?
  8. Watch the beginning of “Far and Away”.

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