AS2: WEEK 14, JANUARY 18TH, 2019


Re-write your draft 1.

Today’s class

Review of essay outline:

  1. Introduction: movie and book titles and dates, + why you chose them.
  2. Movie:
    1. genre of movie.
    2. Story summary – main characters and main events
    3. Director, main actors (if famous),
    4. Main ideas
    5. (Original story / writer)
  3. Book:
    1. Same as movie
  4. Historical background
    1. Make it clear whether you are writing about the history that is seen IN the movie or what happened when the movie was made.
    2. Give dates for events and people, and any other important information, e.g. President Kennedy, 35th president of the USA from 1961-63, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22nd, 1963.
  5. Conclusion: summary of what you learned, and your personal opinion.
  6. Bibliography in APA style

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