AS2, week 13, January 6th, 2017


Makeup class will be on Wednesday Jan. 18th, 5th period, room S405.


Read the chapter about Chicago and answer the 2 questions below. Remember, this class is Academic Skills, so your answer should be an academic answer. That means, complete, not just one or two details. As complete and accurate as you can.

  1. What is Chicago?
  2. Why is it important?

Today’s class

  1. Presentations by students about various paragraphs from the textbook chapter about Chicago.
  2. Some important background information which you should know. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, look them up. This is common knowledge.
    1. Where did the Mafia originate?
    2. Why were many of the early trading posts also forts?
    3. Why were the French in North America?

There are several films about Al Capone and the Prohibition era. Here is a list  of 10:

And here is a list of 25 Prohibition-era movies. The gang violence was one of the main reasons why Prohibition was considered a failure and eventually abandoned.

A very popular and well known movie about Chicago (but not about gangsters) is “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, directed by John “Home Alone” Hughes.

Here’s (in my opinion) the best scene in the movie. “Danke Schoen” is of course German – many people of German origin settled in Chicago, as well as Italians – and “Twist and Shout” is a Beatles song.

Here’s a scene from “The Untouchables”.