AS2: WEEK 13, January 11th, 2019


Re-write your final “book-and-movie” essay: draft 2, using the advice and model paragraphs suggested in class today. Print it out and bring to class next week.

Essay outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraph 1 – movie
  3. Body paragraph 2 – book
  4. Body paragraph 3 – what I learned about US history
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography (using APA style)
  1. Introduction: Tell the names of the movie and book you will write about, and the topics of each of your 3 body paragraphs.
  2. Body paragraph 1: “The movie Xxxxx was directed by Xxxxx, stars Xxxxx and Xxxxx, (was written by Xxxx) and was released by (studio name) in (year). It is about a (main character 1) and a (main character 2) who ……(summarize the story in 3-4 sentences). (Tell the main ideas of the story and relate them to US history and culture, e.g.
    1. “‘The Fountainhead’ is about talented young architect who refuses to compromise his ideals. He falls in love with a beautiful and idealistic young journalist, but she marries first his rival, then his best friend. Roark must fight against various enemies, including Ellsworth Toohey who does not want talented individuals to succeed. Roark eventually succeeds, but only after being arrested, spending some time in jail and losing his best friend.
    2. “The main themes (ideas) of the story are individualism and collectivism, showing how individualism is the basis for a healthy society and the way to the future. The story shows how all the good things of modern life are thanks to the creativity and intelligence of a few brave individuals, most of whom were laughed at or attacked, as Roark is. The story is based in New York, and the famous skyscrapers of that city are an important background to the story, as they represent hard work, intelligence, creativity and success against huge difficulties. (The Japanese title is actually “Skyscraper”). The main character, Roark, may have been based on a real American architect genius called Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) who designed the 2nd Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, parts of which can be seen in Meiji Mura near Nagoya.
If you did not give me your homework (see here) on Friday Jan. 11th, please email it to me as soon as possible.

Today’s class

  1. We watched the first few scenes of “The Fountainhead” (1949), and researched some information about the director, main actors and writer.
  2. We wrote a sample outline and some sample sentences for each paragraph.