AS2, week 11, December 11th, 2015


  • Choose a US history topic for your essay.
  • Textbook:
    • Read “America in the 1800s” p. 51-2 and answer the questions on page. 52
    • Read “Growth of Cities” pp 58-60 and answer the questions
    • Read “Underground Railroad” p. 60-63 and answer the questions on p. 63
  • Read an easy reading  book about US history. Note the title, author, level, period of history.
    • Keep your list on one sheet of paper.
  • Find one of the movies on the movie list. Watch the movie.

Today’s class

Presentations by:

  1. Ms.Tanaka – “Teddy” Roosevelt
  2. Ms. Yamaguchi –John Steinbeck
  3. Ms. Tanigawa – Hollywood
  4. Ms. Ohashi – Clara Barton
  5. Ms. Toshikawa – Philadelphia (movie)
  6. Ms. Oya – Nike

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