As1, wk9, June 13th 2014


Read pages 148-150.

Today’s class:

  1. Presentation on pages 144-6.
  2. Extra points:
    1. Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I were two queens who had similar reigns:
      1. Long reign (Queen Elizabeth 50 years, Queen Victoria just over 60 years)
      2. Elizabeth never married; Victoria married but her husband, Prince Albert, died young.
      3. A flowering of artistic and scientific invention during their reigns
      4. Development of British military strength (and wars) during their reigns
    2. Two movies have been made about the Zulu Wars:
      1. Zulu – about the Battle of Rorke’s Drift which the British won, and
      2. Zulu Dawn – about the Battle of Isandlwana, which the British lost.
  3. The British Empire brought some benefits to the countries it conquered:
    1. Military protection, military training and discipline – in many countries, the native people were impressed by the discipline, bravery and fairness of the British, especially by British victories by small numbers of troops against much larger native armies. How did they do it? Training, discipline and superior weapons.
    2. Military force also brought peace and law and order to areas which had otherwise only had intermittent fighting and no rule of law.
    3. The British also brought trade and offered the British and Eruopean and Empire markets to the new colonies.


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  1. Hello,

    Last week’s presentation was so good. Especially, I thought that the idea that they hand out about words was great.

    Queen Vistoria was very sad after her husband passed away. She wasn’t able to appear in public for a short time. But she made some effort to recover. I felt that not only men but also women started to be strong and play an active part. It was a very positive thing.

    This week I’m doing presentation. I’d like to do my best.

    Thank you.

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