As1, wk7, May 30th 2014

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Read pages 142 (from “From 1846…”) o 144 in the textbook (up to “Queen and monarch”).

Today’s class:

  1. Don’t believe the textbook, and don’t believe your instructor: after all, he’s British! So of course he’s going to say that Britain is great, the British Empire was great, etc. Think for yourself. Ask your questions.
  2. Look at the cartoon on p. 140. It is not a photograph. It is an opinion, not fact. The cartoonist wants you to feel sorry for the women and children, and to feel hate for the lazy, rich people at the top of the picture. But…
    1. Why are the children working?
    2. Who created the jobs?
    3. The cartoon is titled “Capital and labour”. What is capital?
  3. Look at the picture on p. 141.
    1. Who is the man in the middle of the picture?
    2. Who is the man  sitting in the chair at the far right?
    3. Look at the man with his legs sticking out, sitting near Mr. Gladstone. Look at the line under his feet. What is this line for?houseofcommons

2 thoughts on “As1, wk7, May 30th 2014”

  1. Hello,

    I thought that explaining so as to be easy for my classmates to understand about British History is important. Also, I should be considerate of other people. Due to this, I’d like to talk slowly, cleary and in a loud voice in my presentation.

    The chidren needed money to manage to live themselves. So they had to work hard. I think working from a youth is very tough. Now most of us can go to school and do favorite things without working so hard. I felt again that we are in good
    environments and happy.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello!
    In this class, the teacher said that we must do the presentation in English and we should learn to listen English. I think that we must learn English in this class because since we started going to university, we have not got the chance to learn English easily. In this class, the teacher gives us much chance to learn English more than other classes.
    Most children must work too hard, because they needed enough money to live. But they must have wanted to study and play like us. They may have not known how interesting to study and play.

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