AS1, wk5, May 15th, 2015


  1. Continue your easy reading. Update: Here is a list of recommended titles related to Britain and British history in the DWC library “Easy Reading” section. 
  2. Prepare your presentation (click here for the presentation schedule:   ACADEMIC SKILLS 1 PRESENTATION SCHEDULE updated )
  3. Take the quiz on chapter 3 (coming soon; please come back tomorrow if you don’t see the quiz).
  4. If you cannot attend tomorrow’s makeup class, write a summary of the key points of chapter 3 (about 200 words) and give it to me next class (Friday, May 22nd).
  5. (Take the quiz on chapter 2)
  6. (Send me an email)

[WpProQuiz 4]
Today’s class

  1. Easy reading (10 minutes)
  2. Reading report on h/o “My Reading List”. (Click here to download: My_Reading_List )
  3. Presentation schedule.  Presentations should be
    1. about 3 minutes
    2. in English, but with some Japanese help for your classmates
    3. can use handouts or Powerpoint
  4. Started reading and summarising chapter 3.

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