AS1, week 9, June 16th, 2017



Today’s class

  1. Remaining student presentations
  2. What can we learn about British history and/or culture from watching movies or reading British books?
    1. Facts
      1. Dates
      2. Names
    2. E.g.  “The movie ‘Diana’ focuses on Pricness Diana’s life from her marriage to her death.”
      1. Yes, but WHEN did she marry (what year) and WHEN did she die?
    3. E.g. “Pride and Prejudice” –
      1. date of the original novel
      2. date of the BBC dramatization
        1. Main actors (Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle)
          1. Who is Colin Firth? What other movies has he been in?
      3. date of the most recent movie (2005)
        1. main actors’ names (Keira Knightley)
        2. Who is Keira Knightley? What other movies has she been in?
      4. List of dramatizations and movies based on “Pride and Prejudice”
    4. E.g., “Love Actually”
      1. Directed by Richard Curtis
        1. What other movies has he directed? Who acted in them?
      2. Main actors
        1. What other movies have they been in?

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