AS1: Week 8, June 7th, 2019


Watch the British history movie you chose and write a report on it. You should include

    • a very brief summary of the story, including
      • where and when it takes place (maps and illustrations are recommended)?
      • Who are the main characters?
    • What historical facts are is the movie based on?
    • What original story is the movie based on?
    • Is the movie famous? If so, why? Director? Actors? Original story? Other reason?
    • list the movie in your “References” list according to the APA style. For details, see this reference page: Reference list – other non-print sources.

Today’s class

  • Academic writing about history includes not only facts but also explanations of human behaviour, e.g. why people acted the way they did.
    • Why did Boudicca start a rebellion against the Romans?
    • Why is she famous and popular today?
      • The Roman history of Britain, including about Boudicca, was written by Tacitus and lost after the fall of the Roman Empire, then rediscovered in the Renaissance.
      • The Romans were impressed by the Britons’ heroism and savagery.
        • Queen Elizabeth I was likened to Boudicca in a poem written in 1588.
      • There is a statue of Boudicca in London; ironic considering she and her soldiers burned the town to the ground and killed many inhabitants.
      • Not everyone agrees that Boudicca was worth respect: they argue that for personal reasons she started a rebellion that involved tens of thousands of people (maybe even hundreds of thousands) and in which many innocent people were killed indiscrimately – Romans, Britons and Romano-Britons, men, women and children.
  • Timeline of British and Japanese history from the beginning of the building of Stonehenge to the end of the Anglo-Saxon period (1066).
  • How to use a movie to learn about British history (using “Great Expectations” as an example).

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