AS1, week 7, June 2nd, 2017


Prepare a 2-3 minute presentation on one of the British books you’ve read or British movies you’ve watched this semester. Your presentation must include:

  • information for your classmates to find the book or movie themselves
  • a brief description of the main points of the story (but don’t tell the ending)
  • what we can learn about Britain from watching/reading this.

Today’s class

  1. Read┬áchapter 3, section “Plauge, Fire and Revolution” and answer these queseitons:
    1. Why were many building srebuilt after 1666?
    2. Why did Parliament invite William of Orange to be king in 1688?
    3. Why was Bonnie Prince Charlie a problem?
    4. What was the Glorious Revolution and why was it glorious?
  2. Read chapter 3, section “England + Wales + Scotland + Ireland” and answer these questions:
    1. What two acts were passed before 1710 and why were they important?
    2. What is 10 Downing Street and why is it important?
    3. When was the Union Jack designed and why?
    4. Whose statue is in Trafalgar Square and why?
  3. Mini-lecture on the causes of the Civil War.
    1. Royalists vs Parliamentarians
    2. the idea of a parliamentary system vs a royal (monarch) system
    3. Thomas Paine was the American who went to Paris in 1790 and argued for the release of the King.
    4. The parliament and the king or queen (monarch) each want more power, so there is a constant battle between them in British history.

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