AS1, week 5, May 19th, 2017


  1. Choose another book or movie from the list
    1. This is report #2.  report #3. My mistake, sorry.
    2. Read it/watch it.
    3. Write a short report.
    4. Use the format shown in the April 28th blog post
      1. Double-spaced, please.
  2. Textbook pp 25-27
    1. p. 25 ①+② (write your answers in the textbook)
    2. p. 26 ③ + ④ (on looseleaf)
    3. p. 27 ①+② (in the textbook
  3. Read chapter 3 to prepare for next week’s class.

Today’s class

  1. What British movie did you watch or what British  book did you read or are you reading?
  2. Textbook p. 19-24. Check the meaning, especially the key words I wrote on the board.
  3. Mini-lecture on each section.
  4. Write a few sentences about each section.
  5. Make a timeline showing the main events from Stonehenge (BCE 2,500) to the Spanish Armada (1588).

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