AS1: Week 5, MAY 17th, 2019


  1. Create your own APA-style template. You can download the explanations here
  2. Choose a British history movie from the list. Tell me your choice next class (May 24th).
  3. After reading my corrections to your last homework (the Celts and Romans), which I will either upload to Manaba or email to you, write a new paragraph about the Romans, including the Roman invasions, Boudicca’s revolt, benefits that Romans brought to Celtic Britain and when the Romans left.


I have corrected your “Celts and Romans” writing, and uploaded them to Manaba. Please take a look.

Today’s class

  1. Explanation of APA style and how to make a template.
  2. Explanation of Sheffner’s error-correction system
  3. The Romans (continued):
    1. Invasions
    2. Boudicca’s revolt
    3. Benefits that Romans brought to Celtic Britain.
      1. Hadrian’s wall (click the link to see what Hadrian’s wall looks like today)
        1. Hadrian’s wall today (short travel video)
      2. Roman baths (click the link to see what some Roman baths look like today)
      3. Roman roads
      4. Roman villas
    4. Christianity came to Britain while the Romans were there. Maybe it was brought by Roman soldiers or by Christians in Gaul. Many churches began to be built in Britain from the first century AD.
  4. Boudicca’s revolt video: Battle of Watling Street (61CE) Rome Vs British Barbarians