AS1: week 4, May 11th, 2018


  1. Write a report about the Biblical story of either
    1. Noah and the flood, or
    2. the Tower of Babel.
  2. Are these Bible stories history? Why (or why not)?
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Next week: textbook chapter 2.

Today’s class

  1. Group discussion and reports about the Bible stories of Noah and the flood, and the Tower of Babel.
  2. Key points of the Flood story are
    1. it was a punishment by God for disobedience and sin (not recognizing God)
    2. only one good man and his family (Noah) was saved.
    3. God told Noah to build an ark, how to build it, what size, and what to put in it (two of every kind of creature), so that they could continue life on Earth after the flood.
    4. How did Noah know that the flood was over? He sent a dove out flying. Each time the dove came back because it found no place to land, only water everywhere. But one day, it came back with an olive branch in its beak. That is how Noah knew the flood was over.
    5. After this flood, God promised never to punish human beings with a flood again, and he set a rainbow as a sign of his promise.
  3. Key points of Babel story
    1. People became proud and no longer worshiped God
    2. King Nimrod decided to build a tower that would reach to heaven. He was proud and vain and did not worship or recognize God.
    3. God was angry, and decided to punish them, but he had promised never to send another flood.
    4. He confused the people’s  languages, so that they could not communicate and so they had to stop building the tower.
    5. Maybe the most famous Babel painting is the Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel, 1563.


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13 thoughts on “AS1: week 4, May 11th, 2018”

  1. Last class, we talked about the Tower of Babel. I learned something from reading it.
    I think the Bible is not history because there are some cotradition point. Howerer, it is not just a story. People can learn many things from it.

  2. We talked about “Noah’s Ark.” I think the story is not history because I don’t believe these were real. I think the story was made for people’s faith.

  3. I think bible stories are not history but also biographical novels and traditions for people because they are not real story.
    I felt we can understaud human nature from that.

  4. We talked about “Noah and the flood”.
    God is absolute. Facing against God, flooding will occur. Only Noah knew the fact.
    I think again that God is absolute. I reconfirmed the importance of God.

  5. We talked about “Noah and the flood” last class. He was saved from the flood by following God. I learned that it is important to listen to the opinions of others and believe God and cooperate with people.
    Thank you.

  6. I first learned about Noah’s ark in this lesson. I first realized that the cause of the rainbow was born in this world is Noah’s ark. After all the culture that God always watched everyone and benefits would be given if good deeds has not changed.

  7. I think the Bible is not history. Because it describes the things that can not happen in reality. However, it is true that there were some people who actually believed and deepened their faith.

  8. I read the Tower of Babel. Through the power of God people talked about common languages ​​until now, but they can not speak.
    What I thought people were a good thing made me godly angry.

  9. We talked about “Noah and the flood”. Noah’s family were survived from the flood because they follow the god. I thought I’m able to learn many things from the Bible.

  10. I read “Noah and the flood” last week at first.
    I felt people destroyed by god is terrible. So I thought people living this story should follow the god. I learned a lot from this story and it was thought me about the god.
    Thank you.

  11. We talked the Tower of Bable. I read this story, I thought the human being shows off and it will occur conflict and war in the world. It is important to hear the other opinions and think differ in other ways thinkings.

  12. We talked about learning and feeling of Genesis 11(Babel).
    We thought that we shouldn’t live to refer to everything and not to act arrogantly. If we do that, we’ll fight each other and not to be happy. We felt it’s important to consider the people and listen to the opinions around us.
    Thank you.

  13. 1. I wrote a report about the Tower of Babel. People who live in the land called Shinuaru tried to do everything by themselves, for example build some cities and a tower. However when god knew this plan, god didn’t approve of their act. It is because god was guaranteed absolutely the position, so people are unacceptable to resist god. As a result, god took away their language and comformed to god, and people couldn’t communicate each other, and finally they separated.

    2. I think Bible stories are history, because it is said that Bible was written for 1500 years. Therefore Bible has been handed down by variety of people over the years.

    3. I can talk to many people about Bible, and I can learn lots of idea from them. I thought it is impotant for us to exchange views each other.

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