AS1: Week 2, April 19TH, 2019


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Today’s class

  1. Draw a map of Britain WITHOUT looking at last week’s map or using the Internet. Use your own head.
  2. Principles of academic writing (thinking academically)
    1. Ask questions BEFORE judging, deciding, writing or speaking
      1. what?
      2. when?
      3. where?
      4. why?
      5. how?
      6. who?
    2. Define your terms.
    3. Write a definition for each of the following:
      1. What is “Britain”?
      2. What is the United Kingdom?
      3. What is England?
      4. What are the British Isles?
    4. Why do you study? Watch the video below .
    5. Meaning of “liberal arts education”.
    6.   Education for free people (not for slaves)
      1. Education to train people to think for themselves and make their own judgements without relying on others (see #1 above – drawing a map of Britain)
      2. Education for self-defence, so as not to be tricked by others