AS1, week 14, July 22nd, 2016


  • Prepare your poster presentation (see the list of students and topics here, updated July 19th:   Poster Presentations
  • Choose another book from the Easy Reading list, borrow it from the library and start reading. (Download the list here:  AS1_Easy_reading_library_list

Today’s class

  1. Who is the man kneeling on the floor with his hands behind his back? What did he try to do?
  2. Why was Elizabeth I so popular?
  3. Why is there a statue of Boudicca beside the river Thames in London?
  4. After reading about Cromwell, how do you think Irish people might feel about the English and why?
  5. Why is Stonehenge so popular?
  6. In the Industrial Revolution, why did so many people move from the country to the cities to work in the factories, even though working and living conditions were often bad?

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