AS1: Week 14, July 19, 2019


Please take the online class survey on Manabi on the DWC website.
Check carefully the class name and instructor’s name before you answer.
This survey is anonymous and no personal information is passed to the teaching staff.
You can complete this survey from a pc or smartphone, during class or in your own time.
The deadline is Aug. 8th.
Once submitted, you cannot revise your answers.
The class results can be seen on Manabi after late September.


– final essay: choose ANY TOPIC OR TOPICS COVERED THIS SEMESTER, including your two movie reports, but remember that the topic is BRITISH HISTORY

  • 500- 800 words (not including References)
  • feel free to add illustrations, maps, pictures, etc.
  • don’t forget your References page
  • correct academic format (APA style, double-spaced, cover sheet,  Reference page, etc.)

Today’s class

Presentations by remaining students. Generally speaking, the quality of presentations was better than last year’s. I will give feedback next week.