AS1: Week 12, July 5th, 2019

Homework 1

Prepare your oral presentation (topic: British history movie report #2). 2-4 minutes (4 minutes MAX).

If you are using Powerpoint, bring a USB and copy your Powerpoint file to your instructor’s pc before class.

Save your Powerpoint document with the name “British Movie Report 2 (Your Name)” so that your instructor will know which is your Powerpoint presentation.

If you are NOT using Powerpoint, please upload your document to Manaba before class.

ALL students will present next week July 12th.

Homework 2

HW for July 26th – final essay: choose ANY TOPIC COVERED THIS SEMESTER, including your two movie reports, but remember that the topic is BRITISH HISTORY (not the movie).

– 500- 800 words (not including References)

– feel free to add illustrations, maps, pictures, etc.

– don’t forget your References page

– correct academic format (APA style, double-spaced, cover sheet, etc.)

Homework 1 – advice

  • What is the purpose of your presentation?
  • The purpose of your presentation is TO TEACH YOUR CLASSMATES SOMETHING ABOUT BRITISH HISTORY and British society today (e.g. famous actors, famous directors, famous movies, etc).
  • Don’t forget your purpose!
  • Only give your classmates the important information that they should remember!!
  • Do not give information that your classmates need not remember!
    • The information you give should be what you want your classmates to remember.
    • E.g. Do not tell your classmates the names of the actors in the movie UNLESS YOUR CLASSMATES SHOULD REMEMBER THOSE NAMES!
  • Do not use difficult English: your classmates will not understand.
  • Remember the English teacher in Dragon Zakura:
    • *use short, simple sentences
    • use your own English
    • use simple words that you understand.
    • * use simple words that your classmates will understand.
    • * If you do not understand the words in your presentation, your classmates will not understand either!
    • * If you do not know how to pronounce the words in your presentation, your classmates will not understand!
    • Do not use words that you do not know how to pronounce!!

Total length should be about 300-500 words, and take about 2 – 4 minutes. 4 MINUTES IS THE MAXIMUM.

Today’s class

  1. Last week’s sample movie report “A Christmas Carol”
    1. paragraph one topic = the 1951 movie
    2. paragraph two topic = the original 1843 story by Charles Dickens
    3. paragraph three topic = some important themes or ideas in the original story and movie
  2. Model movie report 2: an oral presentation about the movie “Bend It Like Beckham”.
  3. British history worksheet “Stonehenge to 1066” (pair-work gap speaking, listening and writing activity).