AS1: Week 11, June 28th, 2019


  1. (for July 5th) Read the 9-page handout  “British History: Stonehenge to King Alfred (500,000 B.C. – 1066) (you can download it here:
  2. (For July 12th, in 2 weeks): Choose from the list a different British history movie  to watch and prepare a short  oral  spoken, nor written) presentation on.

Today’s class

  1. Student answers to last week’s questions. I re-wrote some of them. You can download them (if you want) here.
  2. Model movie report 1: Excalibur (download it and the worksheet here)
    1. What is the topic of paragraph 2?
    2. What is the topic of paragraph 3?
  3. Model movie report 2: Scrooge (or A Christmas Carol) (download it and the worksheet here.)
    1. What is the topic of paragraphs 1, 2 and 3?
  4. Write a short comment about today’s class and materials (on-screen comments, Excalibur worksheet, Christmas Carol worksheet)