AS1: week 10, June 23rd, 2017


  • Write a written version of your presentation
    • use only 1 or 2 graphics from your original presentation
    • email it to me as an attached document (.doc or .docx or .rtf or .odt) by noon Thursday June 29th.
    • Email subject: AS1 Report Your Name
      • File name: AS1_Report1_Your Name
    • Your report should have 3 paragraphs:
      1. details of the book or movie (date of publicaton or release, title, author or director, etc)
      2. a short summary of the story and what kind of movie or story it is (thriller, romance, drama, etc).
      3. what you learned about Britain from this movie or book. You may have to do a little research for background information.

Today’s class

  1. Review of chapter 3.
  2. Chapter 4 – in groups of 3 students, each group study and report on a section of the chapter.
  3. Which of these people (in chapter 4) has influenced you living in modern Japan? How (in what way have they influenced your life)?

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