AS1: week 10, June 22nd 2018


  1. (Finish the timeline for chapter 2 if you did not finish in class).
  2. Read chapter 3.
    1. Pick a topic that interests you for your next presentation.

Today’s class

  1. Student presentation
  2. General comments on presentations
    1. The language for presentations should be
      1.  simple (simple vocabulary, simple grammar, short sentences).
        1. Important difficult vocabulary which your audience may not know should be put on the screen so that your audience can hear and read.
        2. Important difficult vocabulary can be “glossed” (given a Japanese explanation or translation).
    2. Why do you think so many Japanese TV programs have Japanese subtitles?  –>
    3. Here is a collection of images found by searching on Google for “presentations” (images)
      1. What do you notice about many of the pictures?
      2. That is a hint: copy them.
image from

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