Academic Skills, week 3, April 25th, 2014

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The presentation schedule for this semester is here:AS1_2014_Schedule


Read the textbook pp 134-5. Prepare your presentation.

In today’s class:

  • presentation on pp 132-3 of the textbook. Didn’t they do a good job?
  • were the Corn Laws a good idea? (Don’t forget the consequences!)
  • who wants sanctions against Russia? Who does not? Why?
  • there are two kinds of questions used in education:
    • questions to which the answers are in the textbook (or in the dictionary or in some other book or website)
    • questions to which there are no correct answers, but which require you to think.

6 thoughts on “Academic Skills, week 3, April 25th, 2014”

  1. Hello!

    In this class, I could understnd much better than last class. I had some idea about corn law. I want to check some price of food and clothes every time and I want to buy my favorite things freely. So, I think that there should be difficulties of price in every things.
    This class’ presentaters were good, but they should say much louder during the presentation. They explained this section including Japanese history, so I could understand about voting, corn law and many things.

  2. Hi!
    i’m sorry for the late comment.
    Last presentation of my classmate was nice! I could get a lot of information from them and the explanation was clear.
    But the contents of the book is difficult for me because i don’t have much knowledge about all of the world. So i should study about the world!

  3. Hello,

    Presentators’ voice was big and clear.
    Moreover, I felt it was good that they explained the meanings of the words in the textbook.
    But at the same time, I realized again that I don’t remember about British history.
    So I want to study hard in this class.
    Also, I’d like to hear English which
    teacher speaks.

    I think that corn laws wasn’t good because it led to taking the lives of animals for food.
    However if people hadn’t done it,
    it was also so difficult for them to survive.
    It was a very hard problem.

    Thank you.

  4. My classmate’s presentation is good! They searched samary, Japanese backgroung and word’s meaning. I was understand.
    I think that Corn Laws is good idea. This law preserve own country’s farmer.

    This class’s content is deifficult. So, I have to write a lot of keyword that teacher says.

  5. Hi, Mr. Sheffner.
    I could understand this chapter’s presentation very well, so it is very difficult to flesh on good questions.
    Good night 😉

  6. I did the presentation at first. Because I searched about what happened in both British and Japan, I understood they interacted each other.
    I am concerned about this class because most of English in this class are so difficult. So I must write memo what the teacher says and I want understand about British well.

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