Aborigines not getting the houses they were promised

Ayers Rock/Uluru Sunset, Uluru-Kata Tjuta Nati...
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According to the BBC,

A report into an ambitious housing scheme for Australia‘s Aboriginals has found that not one dwelling has been built in the year since it began.
The project aims to construct 750 homes in the Northern Territory and refurbish hundreds of others.Officials blamed “administration problems” for the delays – which prompted one minister to quit. The slow pace of this ambitious programme to help Aboriginal families almost brought down the Northern Territory government when a former minister quit in disgust at the lack of progress.

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5 thoughts on “Aborigines not getting the houses they were promised”

  1. I think it is good for Aboriginal families.
    I learned about Aboriginie’s history before.
    So I think the programme is important.

  2. I’ve learned about Aboriginal art, their history and culture before. I’m interested in them and I think their culture must be protected. So I think the programme must be important to Aboriginies.

  3. I read this article I could understand about Aboliginie more and I think they must be protected.

  4. I read some articles about Aboriginie and I learned about Aboriginie’s language, culture, history and so on. I think their art is very wonderful and valuable!! but their history is so misery.
    Their history is very shocking for me.
    Australian goverment should keep Aboriginal families and thier traditions more.
    So I think this programme is important for Australian’s future.

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