AS1, week 12, July 8th, 2016


  • Read the textbook pages 33 – 6.
  • Choose another book from the Easy Reading list, borrow it from the library and start reading. (Download the list here:  AS1_Easy_reading_library_list

Today’s class

  1. Mini-lecture on finding the topic and main idea of paragraph.
  2. Finding the main ideas of the 3 paragraphs on page 22.
    1. “In the Middle Ages, both the church and the king had great power, and this sometimes led to problems.”
    2. “There was also a fight for power between the kings and the rich men of England, and in 1215 they made King John sign the Magna Carta, a document that limited the power of the king and created a strong parliament.”
    3. “throughout the Middle Ages there were important wars between England and France, and one war – the Hundred Years War – ended after 116 years with England losing all its lands in France except Calais.”
  3. Write a topic sentence for the paragraphs on pages 28 -32.

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