AS1, week 13, July 10th, 2015


Tell me your essay topic.  If you did not tell me today in class, email it to me ASAP (as soon as possible).

Here’s a list of topics from last year’s AS1 final essays. If you would like to read any particular essay, please email me and I will bring a copy to class next Friday.

  1. Why did the bicycle give women their first taste of freedom?
  2. How did the industrial revolution affect Britain?
  3. Why and how were women discriminated against in 19th-century Britain?
  4. How much influence did Britain have as Colonial Ruler of India?
  5. How did British people live in the 19th century?
  6. How was the working class affected by the Industrial Revolution?
  7. Why was Queen Victoria adored by so many people?
  8. Why did the bicycle give women freedom? (2 essays)
  9. How did the railway influence Britain and Japan?
  10. Were all people’s lives in 19th-century Britain improved for the better?
  11. Why should woman be the “Angel in the House”?
  12. How were trading systems changed, and how was the modern educational system introduced?
  13. Why must people’s lives be changed for better or worse?
  14. Why was Queen Victoria so strong?
  15. What was the class system in Britain?
  16. How did Britain develop in the 19th century? (2 essays)
  17. Why did soccer spread from Britain to the world?
  18. Why did the Industrial Revolution occur in Britain first?
  19. What was the effect of the Corn Law?
  20. How was woman’s life in 19th-century Britain?
  21. Why did Britain develop in the 19th century?
  22. What was the Workers’ Revolt?
  23. Why was Queen Victoria able to make the strongest country?

Write the outline for your final essay.

  1. Introduction
  2. Paragraph 2
  3. Paragraph 3
  4. Paragraph 4
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography (write the textbook details according to the MLA style – see your MLA guidebook, page 9).

Today’s class

Essay rubric. Deadline is July 24th. Your essay should be between 1,000 – 2,000 words.

  1. Format
    1. double-spaced
    2. name, teacher’s name, class name and date on first page only, in top right or left corner
    3. title (no underline, no special font)
    4. indented paragraphs
    5. bibliography using MLA style
  2. Own words. Don’t plagiarize, and don’t use Google translate. Your English is better than computer’s.
    1. Use examples from the books and/or websites you have read.
    2. Always give the reference when citing other people’s words. (See your MLA guidebook for how to cite)
  3. Logical thinking.
    1. Can you write intelliggible English sentences and organize them logically?
  4. Original thinking. I will give you points if you show me your thinking.
    1. Give your opinion, don’t just copy what the textbook or other writers say. Give reasons for your opinions.
  5. Vocabulary, grammar and spelling.
    1. If I can understand what you say, these errors are not important.
    2. If I cannot understand what you say, you will lose points.


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