WS1: WEEK 4, May 10TH, 2019


  1. Write a summary of the story of the two ants (from the textbook “Splitting the Arrow”). Your summary should be objective and contain only facts from the story.
    1. Remember to make use of MSWord’s grammar and spelling check.
    2. Name your document WS1 Two Ants Your Name
    3. Do not upload PDF files as I cannot edit these.
    4. Use your own English. The purpose is not to write perfect English but to use your own mind.
  2. Write a personal response to the “Two Ants” story on the Forum on Manaba. What does the story mean to you? Did you like the story? Why or why not? Your response will be seen by your classmates, and you can read (and reply to) your classmates’ comments.

Today’s class

  1. Examples of student summaries.
  2. Assignment and submission guidelines
    1. Use this format for your uploaded documents:
      1. WS1 Assignment title Your name
    2. Deadline is midnight on Wednesday before class.
  3. We read the story “The Two Ants”.

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