WS1, week 2, April 21st, 2017


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  2. Read chapter 1 of “The Magician’s Nephew”.
    1. Look up things you do not know, e.g.
      1. when Sherlock Holmes “lived”
      2. who the Bastables were (what book they appear in) and when these books appeared
      3. what an Eton collar is
      4. Jane Eyre and Treasure Island
      5. any other British cultural reference you find in chapter 1
  3. Choose a book from the reading list (you can download it here:    ws_easy_reading_library_list   )   read it, and write a short report about it.


Today’s class

  1. The Hometown game
  2. Mini-lecture on fairy stories and why C.S. Lewis called the Narnia stories “faairy tales” not fantasy stories.
  3. We started reading chapter 1 together.

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